Busy Fall

We had a crazy busy fall. I hardly had time to breathe, let alone write on here. I was busy with all things baby as the birth of my first biological nephew took us all a bit by surprise when my sweet little sister went into labor 6 weeks early. Little L had a rough start in our big wide world, but is now 4 months old and healthy as can be. He’s hit all his developmental milestones right on time or before, has 2 teeth, and is in the 85th percentile for full-term growth charts. We are so blessed by him and he brings us all so much joy.

Being a busy new Auntie &nUncle this fall (never mind all the busy daily life regular things) has gotten a bit in the middle of our fundraising efforts. But look out! 2015 is here and we’re getting ready to roll out some bold new things on the blog and in other fundraising venues. Stay tuned… Lots to come next week!