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Team Dream Baby is many people gathered together to help us become parents. We are Katy & Don. We are pretty average midwestern couple who dreams a simple dream of having a family someday. Only for us, it’s not so simple. We are infertile. Our path to parenthood has been and will continue to be non-traditional. In 2013, after I (Kate) had 2 emergency surgeries (five weeks apart) on my malfunctioning lady parts, we learned something that we had suspected for a while beforehand. I couldn’t carry a pregnancy. We tossed around a lot of options and ideas about how to make me into a momma, which has basically been my dream/vision for my life for as long as I can remember. We landed here – in the bizarre and wonderful world of Gestational Surrogacy. Inspired by the incredible
offer of a wonderful lifetime friend to carry a baby for us, we pursue our Dream Baby one tiny step at a time. It’s a journey of love and life unlike any I’ve ever imagined. I’m writing it all down – here on the blog – as it comes true one  We are so hopeful that at the end of it there will be a little baby in our lives who we will someday hear amazing story of how his (or her) life began with the love and support of so many people. You are so welcome along on the journey where many Brave Souls already travel with us on the Dream-Baby Road. Read the blog, learn our story, and be encouraged in your own.

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