The Promised Update  

You wouldn’t know so by my absence from posting, but these last several  months have been full of bustle and hussle in Team Dream Baby land. Lots of things have changed and lots of progress has been made. None of it is very tangible or visible yet and discouragement is never but a breath away. This is not an easy adventure, Brave Ones. We’re so glad you’re traveling it with us!! 

This winter, I embraced technology anew. I familiarized myself with the growing and vast world of virtual garage sales. I sold a bunch of the donated stuff to people and met them in various public parking lots in the NorthWest Burbs & beyond to the boarder of WI. Safety first, folks!

I bought a domain name, found a webhost, and learned (well, still learning) how to self-host a website. Note I emphasize here the still learning bit. I also researched (and very nearly launched) an online crowdfunding campaign. There was one hicupp after another on my technological learning curve…just when I thought I had it all figured out, something new popped up in a little window on the sidebar with arrows flashing. Oie! 

The crowdfunding idea was not all as easy as I hoped. So for now, per advice from a lawyer we hired to advise in the legal implications of crowdfunding in our unique situation, we’ve suspended the plan to crowdfund. It may resurface in the future. We’ve decided that for now, we’ll take the fundraising bit at a slower pace. We aim in the next six months to build the Team Dream Baby up strong so that if or when we hit a crowdfunding platform, we’ll be in really good shape for that run! 

Right now we are in the thick of non-virtual garage sales. Two weeks ago we had our first of 2015 and that pulled in a pleasing dollar amount considering the crap-tastic weather that met us for 1/2 the time. We have been abundantly blessed with donations to sell and its been super overwhelming. Right now, our garage resembles an episode of hoarders and we are forced to exclusively use the  front door in order to exit or enter our home!! (Oh! The horror!!) 

The second 2015 sale will begin this Thursday – there is rain in the forecast again. I found myself hopefully singing along with the Dad & his toddler son in the Target parking lot during a downpour today – Rain, rain, go away!!! Team Dream Baby wants to play!!! Come again, another day!! And…please…if you may…let that not be before Sunday!!