A Bit of Birthday Philosphy

I have lived an incredibly blessed life thus far. On this, my 33rd birthday, I just want to take a moment to acknowledge the amazingness that is ME. I am pretty freakin’ incredible. I don’t say that lightly or pridefully. See, last week my therapist brought to my attention that she is astounded by how many “near death experiences” I have faced throughout my life. I don’t often think of my past and current medical drama in terms like that, but she is 100% correct that I have faced multiple life threating moments/situations. Yet, here I sit today, celebrating the beginning of my 34th year of this crazy thing we call life. I am overwhelmed by a sense of joy and awe as I begin this next year of my life. I have this deep sense that, dispite the challenges that may very soon present themselves, it will be the best one yet!

I don’t often think about how very fragile and temporary life is, and it’s a strange thought to be contemplating on my birthday. But it is so very fitting at the same time. I think we, as a human race, are incredibly guilty of taking for grated how lucky any one of us are to take each breath we breathe. There are a millon complex relationships that have to work precisely and correctly in our physical bodies to make that very life giving breath possible. Nevermind the daily interactions we have with external factors that could cause our instant demise. While a small percentage of people have terribly tragic encounters with this physical existence of humanness, I think those of us who do not tend to get lazy about appreciating every day we are given. I know I do.

So as I conclude a great day of celebrating ME, I want to commit my year to being joyful (even if it’s hard) and thankful (even when I’d rather complain). As we look down the path of creating another little life (that is also so very temporary & fragile) I want to do so with respect, wonder, and the same joy & awe I have today about my own. Happy Birthday, Me. Happy Birthday.

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