Needing a “Good News” Day

I have a bit good news! I made it to 10/17 without the cyst scare from last week landing me in an OR. This means, as long as I make it through the next 1.5 hours, I should have more answers by the end of the day. My appointment with Dr. Feinberg today is sure to be an interesting one! 

The last couple of days have been stress-filled and just all around berserk. I could write a much longer list, but just a few highlights include: unplanned car repairs, bf locked out of house for 2 hours waiting for me to resuce him, was running 1.5 hours behind all of yesterday and was super frazzled all day because of a schedule mishap, forgot the beans & tomatoes I was supposed to bring for the chili I committed to making for a friends party, burned the chili, burned the cornbread. (Saved the chili. The cornbread was ok too.)  
I’m just hoping the rest of today is filled with good news and encouraging things because right now, I feel like I will crack in half if it is not. 

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