Baby Bottle Lady

Yesterday I was at the gym with Sara and we had just finished our cardio workout on the elipitcal. We went to the locker room to refill our water. There we ran into a sweet lady named Sandi who’d just finished a Zumba class. Sara doesn’t want to do Zumba becuase she’s not coordinated and so the three of us struck up a conversation about how she should try it.

“I’ll look stupid.” argued Sara.
“Everyone does. You should try it!” encouraged Sandi
“Yes, I agree Sara! We should try it!!”

While we continued  chatting, I noticed that Sandi had gabbed a baby bottle out of her bag. There was a yellowish colored liquid inside it. I tried to identify it. Maybe a soy formula, I thought. And then I assumed that she was going to give it to a baby she had with her in the little daycare at the front of a gym. But almost before I finished that thought she took the lid off the bottle (it did not have a nipple attached) and started drinking from it herself. It stuck me funny and I laughed out loud. Then I had had to explain myself at my humor over her clever protein shake container.  I told her how I had assumed it was for her baby in the daycare and was about to ask how old her baby was before she sipped. Turn out her baby is 10 years old and was in school. We all had a good laugh. The conversation turned back to looking ridiculous durning Zumba workouts with the conclusion that we all do, no matter what (except for maybe the naturally danced inclined among the group).

“Sara,” I said “if ‘Baby Bottle Lady’ over here can confidently drink her protein shake out of her 10 year olds old baby bottle, I’m pretty sure you can do a Zumba class!”
We all ended up laughing and she will forever be known in my memory as The Baby Bottle Lady.

(Hopefully you get a chance to read this Sandi. And hope we see you back at the gym soon 😉 )

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  1. Hi Kate. I just wanted to say “hang in there.” My parents tried for 11 years. Eleven years! and didn't give up hope. This was a half a century ago, when the technology they had back then was so obsolete compared to what we have now. I only met you but for a few minutes. You are young and beautiful and brave. Your body will be capable of doing some amazing things. Hang in there, my friend. I am living proof of it. I will be 46 years old next month. My parents did it, and so will you. I have faith. I was their miracle, and you will make yours, too.

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