Practice Not Sleeping

If you are a parent you know sleep isn’t easy. A truly off-color book I love comes to mind. If you laugh you know it too.

Tonight it isn’t the cry of a baby (or toddler, or 12 year old) keeping me awake. Instead, it is the hope of holding him as he does. It’s not hunger or a poopy diaper (or teething, or crushes on boys) keeping me awake tonight.  Instead it is the beauty of the thing that is occurring on our journey (in mere hours…go the book to sleep!!) that represents the possibility of those things in my future that has me wide-eyed in wonder of what’s next. 

Tonight I happily practice not sleeping. Praying whole-heartedly for the day this is more than practice! (Seriously…if you don’t know my book reference do a google search for Adam Mansbach & Samuel L. Jackson.)

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